Choosing luggage, travel packs, and carry-ons

Choosing luggage, travel packs, and carry-ons-Sterkmannbag

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a trusted travel bag. At eagle creek, we believe one of the most important parts of that journey is packing smart. That's why we've been obsessed with making durable and compelling bags since the day we opened our doors. Even more though, we’re obsessed with helping you choose exactly the right luggage for your next trip. Here’s exactly what you need to know about picking a wheeled luggage versus rolling suitcases versus duffels, travel packs, and more.

We know how hard it can be to squeeze everything you need into one piece of luggage. When you're cramming everything into that your suitcase, you need the bag itself to have plenty of pockets for organization, and you also want it to have other smart travel features (like lockable zippers and beefy wheels). After all, we all know the “joy” of sprinting from Gate A3 to Gate Q36 to make a connecting flight. Whether you're checking your bags or looking for the best lightweight carry-on or travel backpack, we've got the solution for you. This handy buying guide will help you choose the right type of luggage for your journey.

Whether you're a frequent jet setter or an occasional traveler, you don't want to get stuck with bulky, poor-quality travel bags that get in the way of your trip. Take the time to think about the needs of your trip, and choose your bags and packing organizers accordingly. Knowing what to expect—and how much you'll need to pack—will enable you to easily choose between different travel packs and duffels, as well as individual features such as wheels, handles, sizes, and organizational travel accessories. 

What is the best luggage for your travels?

To ensure that you choose luggage, suitcases, and travel bags that are a perfect fit for your needs, here are a few important things to consider.

1. Length of journey. How long will you be traveling? For a weekend trip, you may be able to fit everything into a lightweight carry-on. For a longer adventure, you'll want to consider a piece of rolling luggage depending what type of gear you'll need to bring.

2. Modes of transportation. Will you have multiple layovers or include budget flights? Will your journey include train or bus rides? If you'll be on the go and moving between multiple types of transportation, you'll absolutely want a lightweight carry-on, wheeled backpack, or even a backpack duffel that's easy to handle and fits in overhead compartments of trains, planes, and buses. 

3. Type of travel. Will you be camping in remote locations or staying at a posh hotel? Depending on where and how you're traveling, the amount and type of gear you'll need may vary. A traveler on the go will be looking for the lightest travel pack possible, while those staying in a hotel or hostel will be able to more easily consider a piece of rolling luggage.

4. Activities. What type of activities will you be doing and what do you need to pack to do them? If you'll be laying on a beach and plan on packing bathing suits and sarongs, your suitcase needs will likely be much different than someone who will be packing climbing gear and using multiple modes of transportation to get there. Some situations call for an adventurous bag capable of holding up to mud, rain, and being strapped to the roof of a bus, while other in situations you’ll be glad for a versatile bag with a separate wet compartment to hold swimsuits and beach gear.  

5. Research. Check out packing organization tips on our Travel Hub to get ideas of exactly what to bring with you on your next trip!

There's a correct piece of luggage for every type of trip. Whether you're shopping for one piece or an entire collection, you can make your travel so much easier when you are well-equipped. So now that you know your travel needs, you're ready to choose the perfect travel bag. We've broken each type of bag down by category and recommended use.